"I have been to several of Kyle and Toby's sound baths. Each one has been a unique experience and each one has been deeply nourishing to my being. They create a safe and open space where all feel welcome and held. I am always energized and relaxed when I leave after these powerful, sweet and lovely sound bath journeys. I will keep coming back!"

- Rebecca Blake



"I have had the delight to experience sounds baths twice with Toby and Kyle. They combine the beauty of sounding crystal bowls, with a vast and eclectic assortment of other instruments.  For me, both experiences with them took me on an inner journey— the sounds were incredible.  I let everything just wash over and into me— bowls, gongs, shakers, exotic and unusual instruments I’ve never seen, Kyle’s glorious voice toning from time to time.  A little bit of magic right in the heart of Los Angeles." 

- Dina Silver


"I have experienced a Myuna sound bath at Family Camp and when I think of it I remember feeling very peaceful, deeply relaxed and clear-minded. The sounds were soothing, and very interesting to listen to. It was wonderful to share it with the others there too - overall a very beautiful and uplifting experience. I look forward to more."

- Catherine Cooley



"I was introduced to sound baths by Kyle a few years ago and thought it was "cool" to participate, hear the sounds and feel something I wasn't really sure did much. What happened at one soundbath changed my perspective on life and has made me a better person, in my opinion. While laying in a huge room with others, listening to the sounds and feeling the vibrations from the various instruments, I noticed a subtle change happen in me, that I was thinking about life more deeply, in particular, what my gift was to the world. It was at that moment during the soundbath I realized that giving all the time as I thought was my gift to society, was incomplete as it takes away the opportunity for someone else to give back. I realized receiving is also a gift by allowing others to give, satisfying their needs as well. From then on, I realized that giving also includes receiving and both together are the gift I will live with. The feeling overwhelmed me with comfort and satisfaction. I now live life with a deeper sense of presence with the world as I now appreciate the gifts that flow back to me and fill my soul.

- Steve G.

If you've never been to a soundbath, you are missing out. It is a wonderful, healing, and calming experience. And if you've never had a soundbath from Toby & Kyle, you are REALLY missing out! They are masterful musicians in their own rights and together they are even more incredible. Through their talents they have developed an experience that transcends your aural delights; it is something that must be experienced to fully understand!

- Cooper G.

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